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EETS Troubleshooting Services and Products

EETS provides troubleshooting services and equipment for testing and monitoring solar PV, solar farms, Solar hot water, thermal and Renewable Energy Systems
About EETS
Energy Environmental Technical Services Limited (EETS) is a technology based UK company performing testing & troubleshooting services and making equipment for the solar industry. ...More

PV Troubleshooting
Solar farms do not always give their full output - an EETS independent evaluation will give peace of mind and can increase your revenue. When taking over such an asset and not knowing its build and maintenance history, call in the experts. ...More

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment
Our factory in Taffs Well just outside Cardiff in South Wales can design and manufacture customer-specified equipment to suit local needs and provide installation, commissioning and training for operators throughout the world. ...More

PV Testing Equipment
EETS makes a broad range of custom test equipment for cells, modules and arrays. Our equipment is used in Government research centres, Multinational company R&D labs and Universities worldwide. ...More

Solar and Wind Powered Lighting Systems
Solar and wind powered street lighting represents a highly visible commitment to renewable energy and helps bring renewable energy into the urban landscape.

EETS Ltd is a leader in integrated photovoltaic (PV) lighting systems. In addition to our flagship 'Hybrolight' product, we provide a range of standalone PV powered lighting solutions ideal for rural applications.

A range of designs of mountings are available to suit different locations and we offer a variety of luminaires to suit different applications including DC compact fluorescent, SOX, & LED.

PV Monitoring Equipment
EETS manufactures PV Monitoring Equipment at our factory in South Wales for distribution worldwide. ...More

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