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Hybrolight™ Integrated

Product summary:

Renewable energy lighting which integrates with the mains system on site.

  • Reduced power bills.
  • Reduced pollution.
  • Reduced greenhouse gasses (CO2).
  • Wide range of luminaires (SON, LED, CFL ).
  • Single or twin lamp.
  • Designed for VAWT or HAWT turbines.
  • Low maintenance.
  • PIR control option.
  • Standard Heights from 5m to 10m.
  • Custom colour finishes.
  • Designed for location.


Technical Specification:

(of typical 10m Hybrolight Integrated).

  • 8m purpose designed steel column and brackets by CU Lighting.
  • 1 x 140w CosmoPolis 16500 lumen P680 luminaires by Phosco at 8m.
  • 4 x 85w solar PV panels by GB-Sol at 9m.
  • 1 x 100w vertical axis wind turbine by Windside at 10m.
  • Automatic controls, connection and energy design by EETS